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 Douglas 256 GB        16            3     ​douglas:​v4:​m256gb Douglas 256 GB        16            3     ​douglas:​v4:​m256gb
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Examples ​in single-line interactive form+**Public queues**: examples ​in single-line interactive form
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 #shared 6-hour #shared 6-hour
Line 91: Line 91:
 #shared 72-hour #shared 72-hour
 $ qsub -I -q q72h32c -l nodes=1:​ppn=12 -l walltime=72:​00:​00 $ qsub -I -q q72h32c -l nodes=1:​ppn=12 -l walltime=72:​00:​00
 +**Condo queues**: examples in single-line interactive form
 #condo 256gb #condo 256gb
 $ qsub -I -q qcondo -l nodes=3:​ppn=16:​m256gb -l walltime=8:​00:​00 $ qsub -I -q qcondo -l nodes=3:​ppn=16:​m256gb -l walltime=8:​00:​00
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