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VASP 5.4.4

under construction

For licensed research groups only. Please contact hpc-support with license info to be added to the vasp user group for access to the compiled versions.


Single Node Benchmarks Fe-SE system 0.05e

SystemCompilationElapsed Time (s)
Razor II:E5-2670 v1 2s/16cstd1084
Razor II:E5-2670 v1 2s/16c-O2 -xsse3 -axavx1072
Trestles: 6136 4s/32cstd1306
Trestles: 6136 4s/32c-O2 -xsse3 -axavx1319
Bellaiche: E5-2650 v4 2s/24cstd595
Bellaiche: E5-2650 v4 2s/24c-O2 -xsse3 -axavx588
Test Skylake: Silver 4116 2s/24cstd673
Test Skylake: Silver 4116 2s/24c-O2 -xsse3 -axavx690
Test Epyc: 7451 1s/24cstdin progress
Test Epyc: 7451 1s/24c-O2 -xsse3 -axavxin progress
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