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UA credit classes relevant to HPC and Computational Science
Class Name Semester Instructor Class Page
BIOL 480V Special Topics (Landscape Ecology) Spring Kusum Naithani
BIOL 5153 Practical Programming for Biologists Spring Andy Alverson
BIOL 5253 Genomics and Bioinformatics Spring Doug Rhoads
CSCE 3213/5013 Cluster Computing Spring Pawel Wolinski
CSCE 4253 Concurrent Computing Spring Gordon Beavers
CSCE 4643 GPU Programming Fall Miaoqing Huang
GEOS 4873 Geological Data Analysis Spring Matt Covington
MEEG 5343 Computational Material Science Spring Paul Millett
MATH/PHYS 5363 Scientific Computation and Numerical Methods Fall Mark Arnold
STAT 4101L Introduction to R Fall Qingyang Zhang

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