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Job Walltime Extensions

Each user is initially allotted 25 walltime job extensions for both Razor and Trestles clusters combined. Additional extensions have to be approved by the AHPCC advisory committee. To petition the AHPCC advisory committee for additional extensions, please send an email to with a subject line “WALLTIME EXTENSIONS”. In the body of the email please describe your research project and explain why your jobs cannot complete within the standard queue walltimes. The advisory committee usually meets once a month, and evaluates all outstanding requests.

Use the extendwall script to extend the walltime of any running job. At each invocation of the script the walltime of the job is extended by the maximum walltime of the queue where the job is running.

tres-l1:pwolinsk:$ qstat -r -u pwolinsk
                                                                                 Req'd    Req'd       Elap
Job ID                  Username    Queue    Jobname          SessID  NDS   TSK   Memory   Time    S   Time
----------------------- ----------- -------- ---------------- ------ ----- ------ ------ --------- - ---------
472195.torque           pwolinsk    q30m32c  STDIN              9630   --     --     --   01:30:00 R  00:14:12

tres-l1:pwolinsk:$ extendwall 472195
pwolinsk walltime extensions remaining: 19
Exending job 472195 by 00:30:00.  Are you sure? (y/N): y
Job 472195:  original walltime=01:30:00 new walltime=02:00:00

Also a web interface for the script is available at: - Trestles Jobs - Razor Jobs

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