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AHPCC is available for research and instructional use to faculty and students of any Arkansas university and their research collaborators. There is no charge for use of our computing resources. (Priority access to storage and compute resources is available through our condo program.) Commercial usage is not allowed. Non-research usage such as bitcoin mining is not allowed.

Arkansas faculty can email a bulk list of names and IDs for class accounts.

UA Fayetteville users

If you have an UArk identity/email address, request an AHPCC account using Internal Account Request Form . Please enter as project leader an Arkansas faculty member to approve the account, or your own name to approve yourself if you are a faculty member. If you are a student through postdoc, put your instructor's or advisor's name as project leader. Login to the web form using the id only like “rfeynman” not “”.

Arkansas not Fayetteville

If you don't have an UArk identity, request an AHPCC account at External Account Request Form . Put the name of your faculty supervisor, or your own name if a faculty member, as project leader. Please use institutional mailing addresses. Please note for our tracking if you are part of a statewide consortium such as CASE/ASSET III or DART. If you have a UA system identity, use that as username.

non-Arkansas Research Collaborator

If you don't have an Uark identity, request an AHPCC account at External Account Request Form . Put the name of your Arkansas research leader as project leader. Research collaborators may also request an Uark identity through the academic department of their research leader, but there is some paperwork involved. In that case, for HPC purposes you have an Uark account and use the internal link above.

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