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Off-campus Access

SSH access

Direct Secure Shell (SSH) access to AHPCC login nodes is only allowed from:

To accommodate users logging in from other locations a new access portal,, is available for any user holding an active AHPCC account. This service, upon successful login, registers the source IP address of user's client machine and adds that IP to the list of allowed IP's allowed to pass network traffic to the AHPCC login nodes. To use the service ssh into port 2022 of

[pawel@frontdesk ~]$ ssh -p 2022
Last login: Tue Dec  7 16:58:10 2021 from

               Arkansas High Performance Computing Center
                       off-campus access portal

===========================================================================    <-  Open Ondemand Web Portal

   ssh        <-  Standard AHPCC login

   Access allowed from until Wed Dec  8 06:02:43 CST 2021

Connection to closed.
[pawel@frontdesk ~]$

At this point the source IP address is registered and will remain in the allow list for the next 12 hours. An SSH session directly to will forward the connection to a Pinnacle login node.

[pawel@frontdesk ~]$ ssh 
Last login: Tue Dec  7 16:58:20 2021 from jumpbox


Once you have authenticated over port 2022 of, moving data using Secure CoPy (SCP) works exactly the same way over as it does directly over

pawel@frontdesk ~]$ scp data_set.tgz
data_set.tgz                                                                                                                                                        100%   51KB 311.2KB/s   00:00    
[pawel@frontdesk ~]$ 

Open Ondemand Portal Access

The other popular method for accessing AHPCC resources is the Open Ondemand portal.


On-campus and UAF VPN users can access this service via the URL:


Others (off-campus) can access the Open Ondemand portal, by registering the client machine source IP, as described above. Once registered, the URL below, forwards the connection to the Open Ondemand portal.

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