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mpiBlast is a freely available, opensource, parallel implementation of NCBI Blast. mpiBlast takes advantage of shared parallel computign resources, i.e. a cluster this gives it access to more avaliable resources unlike NCBI blast which only can take advantage of shared-memory multi-processors(SMP's).

More information is available here.

Environment Setup

Edit the $HOME/.bashrc file to contain these modules.

module load gcc/4.5.0
module load openmpi/1.5.1
module load mpiblast/1.6.0

You may have to logout and log back in for the modules to load. You can check with the command module list, which should also be displayed on login.

Make a directory to contain the FASTA database that will be fragmented. Download the database and decompress it.

razor-l1:jokinsey:~$ mkdir db
razor-l1:jokinsey:~$ cd db
razor-l1:jokinsey:~/db$ wget
razor-l1:jokinsey:~/db$ gunzip mito.nt.gz

Create a $HOME/.nbirc file with these values. The shared path tells mpiBlast where to access the FASTA database.


Format the database for parallel use, by fragmenting the database for each processor. We will be using a node with 12 processors so we will include the option - -nfrags=12.

razor-l1:jokinsey:~$ mpiformatdb -i ~/db/mito.nt --nfrags=12
Reading input file
Done, read 2605891 lines
Database type unspecified, assuming nucleotide
Breaking mito.nt into 12 fragments
Executing: formatdb -i /home/jokinsey/db/mito.nt -p F -N 12 -o T 
Created 12 fragments.
<<< Please make sure the formatted database fragments are placed in /home/jokinsey/db/ before executing mpiblast. >>> 

Example Job

Create a directory $HOME/SCHED_PLACE to store the PBS schedule files. Create another directory to store the PBS input scripts, along with the FASTA input and output files.

razor-l1:jokinsey:~$ mkdir SCHED_PLACE
razor-l1:jokinsey:~$ mkdir testing
razor-l1:jokinsey:~$ cd testing

Create an input FASTA search file and name it input.

>gi|45238842|gb|AY563103.1| Homo sapiens interleukin 2 receptor, alpha (IL2RA) gene, complete cds

Create a PBS input script and name it mpiBlastTest.pbs

#PBS -q tiny12core
#PBS -j oe
#PBS -m abe
#PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=12
#PBS -l walltime=02:00:00

cp input /scratch/$PBS_JOBID
cd /scratch/$PBS_JOBID

mpirun -np 12 mpiblast -p blastn -d mito.nt -i input -o $HOME/testing/output

In the PBS script first we copy our input file to the directory we will be working in /scratch/$PBS_JOBID. Then we go into that directory to run the computation and send the output to $HOME/testing/output

Then submit the job.

razor-l3:jokinsey:~/testing$ qsub mpiBlastTest.pbs 

Then notice we submit the job from the directory $HOME/SCHED_PLACE this will save the schedule file in this directory, since we declared we want to run the job from the current directory. The output will be in $HOME/testing/output.

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