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Portal Login

An OpenOnDemand web portal is available at pinnacle-portal requires a Uark id for login at this time. If you go to the web page, a login popup will accept your Uark ID (no and Uark password. See get_an_account and ssh_login for more info on Uark accounts.

At the portal home page, you can select Files, Jobs, Clusters, Interactive Apps, or My Interactive Sessions.

Files is an Explorer-like GUI of your home directory which does upload and download to the connected workstation. Common /home/user or CSCE /karpinski/user are selectable.

Jobs shows your queued and running jobs on all clusters know to the portal (that is pinnacle,trestles, and karpinski).

Clusters runs an ssh terminal emulator in the browser for shell access. You can select pinnacle, trestless, or karpinski (CSCE) clusters.

Interactive Apps allows X desktops to pinnacle or karpinski. This is the simplest way to run an X graphics program on the clusters. There is also a GUIs menu that opens an X desktop and an graphical application on pinnacle, selectable as comsol, elmer, matlab, ovito, pqs, rstudio, jupyter notebook,or vmd.

There is also a VM launcher on either pinnacle or karpinski. See virtual_machines for usage.

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