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SSH Login

AHPCC clusters are available on several ssh login hosts and from a web portal, see portal_login. The ssh common account text login hosts are,, and Each AHPCC cluster login host presents the same view of your files but has a different job scheduler and job queue (pinnacle Slurm, trestles Torque, razor Torque). The CSCE cluster has a separate ssh login host with separate accounts and files but shares the pinnacle Slurm scheduler.

The trestles and razor login hosts are deprecated and will be shut down and replaced by the pinnacle login host as those clusters are integrated into the pinnacle Slurm scheduler. The pinnacle login host auto-assigns each login to one of 14 virtual machines, so your host terminal session will be labeled with the VM name pinnacle-l1 through pinnacle-l14.

An ssh client is needed on your workstation to access the ssh login hosts. The web portal portal_login has an ssh text emulator in-browser if you don't have an ssh client available. An ssh client (and file-transfer scp,sftp) are usually installed by default on linux and Mac workstations. On Windows 7 or 10 we recommend the stand-alone program PuTTY . With the PuTTY ssh client putty.exe you will probably also need a file-transfer program from the same site, either pscp.exe or psftp.exe. Windows 10 can also install a near-complete clone of Linux including ssh,scp,sftp called WSL . If you want an explorer-like GUI for ssh and file transfer, there is a free installable download sshwinsecureshell-3.2.9.exe . If workstation disk space is a consideration, PuTTY is small, sshwinsecureshell medium, WSL large.

Login to ssh hosts using your UArk login name (without and authenticate with your UArk password. If you don't have a Uark account, we will send you alternate login instructions. In PuTTY and sshwinsecureshell you may need to set the host port on the configuration screen to 22, not 23.

Don't put passwords in emails. AHPCC doesn't know and can't change UArk passwords, use or ITS support. We can determine if an AHPCC login host shows a password as failed or accepted. If you fail UArk authentication three times, you won't be able to login for half an hour. If an AHPCC login host fails to answer or fails to login, contact . It may help to first try another login host and/or a protected ITS host such as to help determine if it is a host, network, or account/password issue.

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