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Perl can be accessed by modules (currently 5.24.0,5.36.0) or you can install and modify perl through conda python.

module load perl/5.36.0

To install your own perl modules through cpan, you will need to tell perl where to put them and look for them in your disk area. For example,installing YAML::Syck, adapted from This doesn't work with conda perl yet. As for installing any software over the internet, use srun to get a compute node (cloud 1 core is fine and usually immediate).

c1715:rfeynman:$ mkdir -p ~/perl5  #once

c1715:rfeynman:$ module load perl/5.36.0 gcc/11.2.1  #it usually works better to have
# a more modern c compiler, c compiler only needed at install time

c1715:rfeynman:$ source /share/apps/bin/   #always **after** loading the 
#perl module, both install and run time

c1715:rfeynman:$ cpanm YAML::Syck
...lots of output hopefully ending with...
  /bin/make install  -- OK

c1715:rfeynman:$ perl -de1  #no error below is good
main::(-e:1):	1

  DB<2> use YAML::Syck;
  DB<3> q
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