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2017/03/21 Maximum queued jobs per user set to 1000 for both clusters.

2016/12/13 PacBio GenomicConsensus and multiple prerequisites/components quiver,ccs,blasr,bax2bam,bam2bax,pbbams,samtools are installed on trestles. Use module load gcc/4.9.1 mkl/16.0.1 python/2.7.3 pitchfork/5.3.

2016/12/06 hpcwiki article learning_resources (credit and non-credit classes and reference material) installed.

2/016/09/22 IBM Platform MPI Community Edition 9.1.2 (formerly HP MPI) installed on razor. Use module platformmpi/9.1.2. Either impi or platformmpi may be used with ansys. Platform MPI, like Intel MPI, is not tied to a compiler.

2016/09/22 hpcwiki articles modules (topics environment modules/.bashrc) updated, and a new article MPI (topics MPI types/MPI examples/Hybrid MPI-threads/HPL) split off and heavily updated.

2016/09/19 Update: razor frontend file system problems fixed. (updated from: Frontend razor-l3 has unmounted file systems and is causing login problems on razor. If it hangs on login, ctrl-c and try login again to randomly get another frontend. Rebooting it soon.)

2016/09/15 matlab R2016b installed on Razor. Use module matlab/r2016b and, for mex, gcc/4.9.1.

2016/09/15 perl 5.24.0 installed on Razor. Use module perl/5.24.0 and, for compiling or C links, gcc/4.9.1 . BioPerl and dependencies are installed as modules. We will be installing new module requests on 5.24.0 as default 5.10.1 has some issues. After testing 5.24.0 will be copied to Trestles.

2016/09/13 theano and cudnn (for Cuda 7.5) installed on Razor. Use on a GPU node:

$ module load gcc/4.7.2 mkl/16.0.1 mvapich2/2.1 cuda/7.5 python/2.7.11
$ export THEANO_FLAGS='cuda.root=/share/apps/cuda/cuda-7.5,device=gpu,floatX=float32'
$ python

2016/09/08 qbox 1.63.5 and xerces 2.8.0 installed on Trestles. Use:

$ module load intel/14.0.3 mkl/14.0.3 openmpi/1.8.8 qbox/1.63.5
$ mpirun -np $NP -machinefile $PBS_NODEFILE -x LD_LIBRARY_PATH qb file.i

2016/08/21 Microsoft R Open installed on Razor. Use module R/MR3.3.1. Supposedly “enhanced” but we don't see any advantage over open source R/3.3.1 in limited testing.

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